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Trust the Right Interior Painter for Any Project

Each member of our team is a highly regarded and reliable interior painter with access to the right tools, experience, and expertise. This allows them to deliver exceptional results for the property owners. At Silver Painting LLC we have made sure that we do our best to go the extra mile whenever necessary to exceed expectations. We are in Charlotte, NC.

Our Services Include



Apart from a typical painting service, an expert can be brought on board for staining to great affordable results. This prevents rotting, provides protection from sun and moisture, and is more tailored as a process to safeguard wooden surfaces. The staining process can be done for a wide variety of wood types and has been tried and trusted over the years for being reliable.



Any reliable painting service will highlight the requirements of making sure that proper taping is done to produce high-quality results. Taping must be done by the right experts to be able to yield superior-grade results. Professionals ensure that taping is done to ensure there is no spillover of the paint to surfaces that do not have to be painted.

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

When it comes to adding immense value to your property’s interior and ensuring that it complements the rest of the decor, not a lot beats a good old paint job. Experts can ensure that the precise creative vision of the property owners when it comes to how their interiors should look is executed with ease and with intricate attention to detail.

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

If the exterior of a property is well-maintained, it is bound to significantly increase the value of a given property with ease. Getting tailored interior and exterior painting also keeps the core foundation materials of the property safe from being exposed to the elements. This is the best way to extend their lifespan with ease.

Deck Painting

Deck Painting

A deck is exposed to the elements throughout the year and has to handle the forces of nature across all seasons. A coat of paint protects the wood of the deck and ensures that any dirt, debris, or grime can be easily washed away. If you have any pets or kids, a big benefit would be being confident that the deck is never too difficult to clean.

The Right Professionals for the Job

As experts that offer affordable painting service, we at Silver Painting LLC, have made sure that we execute the precise creative requirements of the customers. When it comes to painting, we can deal with various textures, designs, finishes, and even gradients with relative ease. We are skilled and highly reliable experts. Our offers and approaches are exceptional across the entire Charlotte, NC area.

Exceptional Results by Experts

We have made sure that the painting process that we use is executed with precision while following a comprehensive and well-defined systematic approach. Our objective is to be able to yield high-quality results without overcharging customers. We also prioritize customer service above all else.

Our Areas of Expansion

As experts, we have spent years fine-tuning our craft and have been able to thrive in the face of truly challenging situations. We are now using our experience to branch out further and help customers across the following areas with their requirements:

  • Mount Holly, NC
  • Fort Mill Town, SC
  • Harrisburg Town, NC
  • Stallings Town, NC
  • Davidson Town, NC

Contact us today. We are trained, trusted, and reliable professionals who are more than capable of getting the job done with ease. We are broadly known for exceptional results when it comes to getting a residential painting service.

Silver Painting LLC

Charlotte, NC 28208

(980) 217-2564

Client Testimonials

by Kendrick Newkirk on Silver Painting LLC
Exceptional Painting Service

They are very well-trained, skilled, and truly masters of their craft. Hiring them was without a doubt a great investment to make. They managed to ensure that all my concerns were addressed and provided some exceptional offers. I highly recommend hiring them if you are looking for painting service experts across town.


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